Plain Language Summary

When alcohol enters the liver it cuts off the production of an important molecule called SAMe which is needed in dozens of reactions throughout the body. TMG can be converted to SAMe through a different pathway that is not affected by alcohol. TMG can also reduced water loss and increase the repair of damaged proteins.


TMG works in conjunction with Taurine and Creatine to maintain methylation reactions in the liver which ultimately work to reduce oxidative stress via preserving glutathione. Ethanol decreases the remethylation of homocysteine by inhibiting methionine synthase. TMG works to preserve methionine levels by providing substrate for an alternate enzymatic pathway. Furthermore, enhanced methyl status enhances the post translational activity of repair proteins. TMG can also act as an osmolyte to preserve cellular hydration.  [zotpressInText item=”{DSUHZDNP},{HJTDTZ27},{X757PRPR},{IIS4PKVF}”]

Author’s Conclusions

TMG is included in V1.0.


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