About Us


We are committed to bringing you the very best that science has to offer for your hangover.

We do not use proprietary blends, herbal extracts, or fillers. Every ingredient is backed by extensive research which we encourage you to thoroughly review. When the science changes, so will our formula.

Please contact us with any research you find contrary to our current formula.


In March 2017, I participated in my first Tough Mudder in New Orleans, LA. This alone is something to be apprehensive about, but the group I traveled with decided to participate in other activities prior to the run. We arrived in NOLA on a Thursday just in time to run with New Orleans Hash House Harriers. The following morning we began St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the typical liver abusive fashion. The festivities continued on Saturday as well. All this culminated in a 9am Sunday 12 mile Tough Mudder. Needless to say, we were all a little drained.

In anticipation of these events, a fellow mudder asked me if I knew anything about hangovers. And thus began the research leading to this very site.