The Reason

We’ve all been there. You just completed a strenuous work week and its 8pm on Friday night. You want to party hard, but you are afraid of the consequences. When you play hard sometimes you just don’t feel right for the next few days. Even by Monday or Tuesday you aren’t fully there. And you just can’t handle that: You have so much to do.

Well I’ve had my fair share of those weekends. I know what it feels like to be unable to lift your arm to drink the glass of water by your bed and to feel the blood pumping behind your eyes. If you have shared in the awful effects collectively known as a hangover and wish to find a reprieve, you have come to the right place.

The Mission

This website is devoted to getting you back to normal after a night out. Whether you want to go again on Saturday or you just want to be ready for work on Monday.

Play Hard is the first version formulated in this regard. It is designed to circumvent several of the toxic side effects of alcohol without affecting the good ones. Why take a hangover pill that makes you metabolize ethanol faster? If I wanted to be sober, I wouldn’t have gotten drunk.

This site and all it contains is a work in progress. The literature on the subject of alcohol is vast and often contradictory. I do not have credentials to show and I do not intend to hide behind fake degrees. Over the last six months, I’ve devoted substantial time to understanding the alcoholic hangover (at last count over 600 hours). My only official credential is a Bachelor’s in Physics from the University of Kansas. I do not expect my (lack of) authority in the matters of biochemistry and health to convince you of anything. Draw your own conclusions from the research.

I strive for complete transparency. Play Hard‘s ingredients are not obfuscated behind a “Proprietary Formula” or under the guise of trademarked formulations. All my research is available throughout the site as well as data corresponding to my production methods (e.g. How I Generate Labels-Spreadsheet). If you feel something is missing, please contact me.


-Elijah K

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